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  • Tiaan Terblanche

Experiment with a shorter workweek and observe how productivity jumps

Investigate "Work-Life Balance" in work from home and digital work environments

Examine work-life balance aimed to help boost creativity and productivity by giving employees more flexible working hours.

We constantly read or hear about the "new way of working"; therefore, it is unavoidable that "new" negatives will also start appearing.

We recognise that the "new way of working" can quickly also become "always on" or "always available" work circumstances.

Work-Life Balance effects on productivity and creativity

The ever-growing grey area between work and private life demands that our minds and bodies create boundaries.

When these boundaries are clear and established, our teams will feel recharged, rested and happier. We feel more energised, and that improves our creativity and increases our output.

Employees will benefit from shortened workdays or workweeks, but it will ultimately have supplementary benefits too. It will help preserve office/home office resources, such as electricity consumption. This will vary for each individual or type of business.

How can my team and I experiment with shorter workweeks and achieve higher productivity?

Experiment with closing your offices earlier every Friday. Give employees time off to recharge without altering their annual leave days. They will feel valued and that their hard work means something.

Implement a 30-minute meeting policy and encourage remote communication, especially if topics aren't complex and planning is not required.

Experiment and exclude the elements that are not working and see if you can adopt some permanent changes.

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