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Meet The Team

Behind every successful business is an extraordinary team. Our team members are Process Support Ninjas, and we pride ourselves on being detail-oriented.


We become an extension of your team, enabling you and your teams to focus on your core competencies.


Managing Director

Tiaan Terblanche

In 2016 I was offered Easy Peasy Admin. I decided to use it as a vehicle for my passion for creating imaginative ways to deal with processes, operational work and back-office support.


I had a passion for process management in all the various positions I’ve held in the past. I always thought about how these supporting roles and processes could be improved and modernised to serve better the staffer performing these processes and the user observing the outcomes.

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Office Manager  |  Process Manager

Baba Terblanche

Hi, I am Baba, and I started my journey with Easy Peasy Admin in January 2020.


It excites me to be part of a group of like-minded people who also challenge and inspire me to explore new areas within our business.


My teammates will say that I am the eager beaver of the team.

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Operations Lead  |  Process Manager

Anneleen Trollip

Hi, I am Anneleen; I joined the Easy Peasy Admin team in June 2019 as the Operations Lead. I started my professional career in insurance law (personal injury).


I love working at Easy Peasy Admin for the simple reason - GROWTH.


I’ve been on an incredible personal development journey and specifically improved my tech skills. My superpower is my determination, which effortlessly slots in with my detail and process characteristics.

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Sales & Marketing  |  Process Manager

Geraldine van Wyk

I finally landed my dream job in September 2020 amid the uncertainty of The Covid 19 Pandemic.


I am driven by curiosity to get to the bottom of things and solve a problem or find an answer. Being both analytical and creative, working at Easy Peasy, where forward thinking is critical, I learn something new daily, so basically, I am living my dream.


My team would say I'm a Word Wiz.

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