We support teams with end-to-end business process management; so that you can focus on your core competencies and teams.

Logistics, Supply Chain,
IOR/EOR industries

Easy Peasy Admin has nearly 10-years of experience in international trade process management. Our team understand that accuracy and time are vital to your business and team’s success.

Control Tower Support (Workflow control and coordination)

Outbound Requests

  • Order entry and placement.

  • Order receipt.

  • Order verification and quality checks.

  • Document preparation.

  • Order acknowledgement.

  • Order lifecycle monitoring.

  • Liaising with all stakeholders to keep everyone up to date and manage expectations.

  • Proof of delivery notifications.

  • Closure notifications.

Replenishment Orders
International cross-border order process management

  • Order entry and placement.

  • Order acceptance notification.

  • Order monitoring and tracking.

  • Order clearance.

  • Order warehouse delivery.

  • Proof of delivery notifications.

  • Closure notifications.

Inventory Management

  • Product introduction.

  • Updating and managing your order and inventory systems.

Just to name a few processes...

General Business Process Management Support

Whether you need support with your own internal processes, processes of your customers or a combination, we become an extension of your team, driving process success.

Marketing Research

  • Identify the information criteria

  • Data gathering, entry and processing

  • Entry of information in a structure or database


  • Determine skill set criteria.

  • Research candidates that would fit the role.

  • Liaise with all the stakeholders to ensure expectations are managed.

  • Closure.

Trade Repository

  • Industry investigations.

  • Structure.

  • Data entry.

Sales Process | Business Development

  • Lead generation.

  • Sales resource (Sales Navigator).

  • Validate and qualify potential customers.

  • Write and connect with potential customers.

  • Capture prospect details in a database (CRM).

Just to give a few examples...

Insurance Teams & Law Firms

Our team members have 20+ years of combined experience assisting case handlers and solicitors within the legal and insurance services industries.

Back-office support for your law firm or insurance teams.

Work Intake


  • File preparation and set up.

  • Ensure that the most important tasks have been populated

  • Hand over the file to the case handler.

 Continuous File Support

  • Review case/file and establish if any info is missing.

  • Check-in with the case handler and determine if support is required.

  • Liaise with all other parties to ensure the case remains on track.

Medical Investigation Support

  • Review file to establish if any medical examinations are required.

  • Check-in with the medical professional to confirm if the customer attended medical appointments.

  • Obtain all the relevant medical documentation and reports in a timeous manner.

Settlement Support

  • Liaise with third parties to arrange payouts.

  • Follow-up on outstanding monies.

  • Inform the team once the funds are successfully received.

  • Close file.

Just to give a few examples...

Your team’s needs are central to our work with you – focus on a hands-on partnership that delivers sustainable and inclusive growth.