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  • Tiaan Terblanche

Three Time Management Tips

How to Multiply Your Time, Leave Work Earlier, and Get Your Life Back

We all want more time and a plan for our ever-growing to-do list. We want to share some of our insights to carve out the time you want or need.

Tweak Your Calendar

Choose a day in the week to review the next 5 to 7 days. Ensure you have enough time between commitments and meetings (e.g., stretching breaks, thinking time, and preparation time). Rather than adding new commitments, try to take a few nonessential items from your schedule. For instance, you do not have to calendarize the evening news. Remove or reschedule other things. Decide whether or not an appointment is really necessary or if a quick email can do the trick.

Focus Areas

Decide on one vital daily task that must be completed. Make it your goal to finish this task and avoid transferring it to the following day's to-do list.

This means that if you work a standard 5-day week, you will have completed 5 vital tasks. Vital tasks can be anything from complex and time-consuming to very urgent, so completing them will generate positive drive and focus for you to achieve even more work or spend the time you have saved on something else. As we all know, a good work-life balance is essential!

Back-Office Support / Outsourcing

Stay focused on your core competencies, and give the rest of your operational obligations to your team members, who do not even have to be employed by you or your business.

An outsourcing partner is a perfect choice to help you with all your nagging business operations. Outsourcing your back-office administration and processes eliminates the frustration of an ever-growing to-do list. It gives you the time you require without managing everything that comes with hiring administrative staff.

You will be happier and more effective. It will take some time to get used to, and you will need to practice; however, once you are in the swing of things, your entire day will go more smoothly.

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