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A perfect match

When a back-office ninja met a legal eagle, they took things to the next level.

At Easy Peasy Admin, we love nothing more than being back-office ninjas. We know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but to be honest, doing admin, streamlining business processes and presenting digital design work really floats our detail-oriented boats.

So that they can focus on what they love doing instead of spending time doing what we do, our customers outsource their admin to us. It makes perfect sense. They get to spend time on their core business and generating an income, while we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s as far as the paperwork is concerned.

Sometimes, the paperwork that’s needed is of a legal nature. While we’re good at what we do, we’re no legal eagles. Sure, we could outsource to a law firm. Still, it’s costly and time-consuming, so we figured that there must be an alternative modern solution to outsourcing legal work, just as our customers outsource to us.

We’re a fussy bunch though, so not just anyone would do. We wanted to work with someone with qualified legal people. A company that understands the fast-moving, modern, digital world we find ourselves in. One that could provide quick turnaround.

The search begins

After extensive research we came across HelloContract – an online business that provides an automated legal document service. We got butterflies when we saw the services they provided. After meeting with them, we knew, this was the perfect match and exactly what we’d been looking for.

Ticking all the boxes

Legal services are expensive, complicated and take forever to finalise, and as a result, contracts and documents are often hacked together. The risk of course, is that without the legal knowledge, one can never be sure that all the bases are covered. HelloContract addresses all of this and then some.

In a nutshell, their services give companies access to quality legal contracts and documents that allow them to grow safely and be protected. That having been said, a legal professional tailor-makes each contract or documents to ensure all your needs have been met. And it all happens online in no time at all.

Other features of HelloContract’s services include the ability to:

  • gather e-Signatures

  • generate unlimited contracts – HelloContract’s currently library has 50+ customisable contracts to help grow your business

  • gather e-Signatures from all signing parties before downloading generated documents in PDF or editable Word format

  • keep track of essential ‘must-do’s’, create deadline and make note of the contract or documents needed to complete a task

  • 24-7-365 service

Wanting the world to know

We’re over the moon about meeting HelloContract and are thrilled to be working with them. They’re not just easy to work with, they’re fast, super professional, and overall, just super cool.

We’ll happily put you in touch with them. And we’ll happily get in touch with you if you pop us a mail. Before you know it, you’ll be able to focus on all that you love, while we spend time doing what we love - taking your admin and legal requirements to the next level.

HelloContract Details

Pricing and package details

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